Noel Taylor Fund Raiser

Sometimes you meet a great artist, and human. Noel is such a person. He recently had an almost catastrophic heart attack. Shortly after being admitted to hospital, he and his beloved Janae both tested positive for Covid.

At this point they are at home, recovering hopefully from all of this situation. Yet, they need assistance, as neither are able to work, and having no income at the present. This is a good cause, and truthfully any of us could be in the same situation in the US due to the abysmal medical & social systems that are in place.

I hope you can assist them get through this crisis period. Links to a Gofundme and Mealtrain are below. Please check out their story on those links.

Bright Blessings,


You can read the details on these two sites.

Meal Train For Noel & Janae

Go Fund Me For Noel Taylor

Here is a PDF of Noel’s work from The Invisible College #9
Noel Taylor

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