Art Fund Raisers:

Welcome to the Art Fund Raiser Page.  I have always been of the thought stream that art was a part of the movement for the betterment of the world.  On occasion in the past I have used my art for fund raisers, such as raising money and awareness for the Standing Rock Resistance, etc.

The Current Art Fund Raiser: Art Mask to raise funds for Food Banks. Lots of hungry folks out there, people who have taken quite the hit fiscally with the Covid Crisis, there has been a great response so far. Mind you, these mask are made through Redbubble, and we get 20% of the sales cost. Not as much as I would like, but if we sell enough, we can make a difference, and so far in one week, we have raised almost 500.00, which is great! One step at a time as one of my teachers used to point out to me, one step at a time.

Here is a short video I put together a couple of days ago.  Watch it if you like, or not.  Please check the information out below.

(Click on Pictures to Enlarge!)
Testimonial About The Gwyllm Art Mask:

We ordered two Gwyllm-design masks to support the cause and add some great art to the mask collection. They do not disappoint. One could imagine these masks might be stiff and plastic-feeling — instead, the quality of the print, fabric (so soft!), and fit turned out better than expected. The size is snug yet comfy on my partner’s face, and roomy yet secure on my (smaller) mug. I love having the sacred plants of the ‘Angels of the Allies‘ design keep me company as I navigate pandemic world, and the ‘Moiré Eyes‘ design is just plain fun ‘n trippy. Highly recommend.” – Sylvia

(when you receive your mask, we would love to have a photo of you wearing it.  Nothing will be published without your permission. – Gwyllm)
Here are (some  of) the mask.  The can be found at REDBUBBLE

Thank you all for your support. We can do this. Stay tuned for more fund raisers,