Gwyllm Llwydd has long swum through the seas of Art & Culture. His early artistic influences were Willifred Sätty, Max Ernst, Rick Griffin and various schools of Buddhist Mandala Art.  Much of his art early on was devoted to pointillism and collage.  His pursuit of  the depths within the  Mandala matrix and its secrets have been a component of his art ever since. The basic tools for his artistic adventures lately have been the Airbrush and Photoshop, and is now venturing into 3d paintings.

In the past Gwyllm was involved with Surrealism and Arcane Metaphysics moving between the US and Europe. He started a publishing company for street poets (DIY Press) and later Grey Pavilion, an early Electronica Band, that moved between L.A. and London before crashing and burning. He returned to painting and printing in various forms and hasn’t stopped since.

He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family and is currently working on painting, publishing “The Invisible College Magazine”. (as well as other printing projects for himself and others)  He had a long running blog (over a thousand entries over 10 years),  once known as “Turfing”, and now transitioning to a new approach with “The Hare’s Tale”.

He has curated art, music and poetry as well on various social media sites for the last 8 years. (His time with doing this with blogs “Turfing” and now “The Hares Tale ” goes back much, much longer.)

He sincerely believes that community, art, love, and opening up your mind are part of the puzzle (among many) to a Brave New World.

You can also connect with Gwyllm on Facebook,Google+, Twitter: EarthRites