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Radio EarthRites: A Bit Of History


The original Radio EarthRites was set up to benefit a small community with music, spoken word and more. Now we want to make the circle wider, more inclusive. More music, commentary… podcast, more friends listening. It’s started to grow, and we hope you like what you hear and see here! We are wide open to suggestions to improve how we can serve our community better. You are invited to join us!

Of course providing this service involves time & cost. If you like what you are listening to here we would greatly appreciate help to defray cost for streaming/hosting and paying ASCAP/BMI fees etc. If you want to help keep us going there are a variety of ways. Hey, we are even developing some nice perks!

I would like to thank godzero, Doug in the UK, my Patreon Supporters who have supplied financial aid and time to getting the station off of the ground again, and all those who have encouraged us to bring back Radio EarthRites over the years. We are up and running again, and it feels great! If you want to support us, please do. The more support, the greater the services. We are expanding our horizons, join with us to bring change to the world through music, spoken word and more!








With electricity we were wired into a new world, for electricity brought the radio, a “crystal set” and with enough ingenuity, one could tickle the crystal with a cat’s whisker and pick up anything.” – Theodore H. White