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“The hopeless don’t revolt, because revolution is an act of hope.”
– Peter Kropotkin

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Dear Friends, we recently had a hosting price increase  from our station provider, as well as rises in web cost, hosting, music purchases etc. (which all cost)

We have a wonderful group of supporters at this point but would like to see some growth in our support network to cover all the cost that we incur. 

We have 2 forms of donations (see the button above) you can subscribe for a monthly plan, or you can make a one-time donation, hopefully once a year!

Radio EarthRites has been on the air pretty much continuously for 18 years, 365days/24 hours a day. We have been increasing our aural diversity, with new shows (Lee’s Real Music Radio Pod)  (Earth Riot with Reverend Billy) with shows featuring (Poets (Mary Oliver,, Seamus Heaney Allen Ginsberg etc.) and Spoken word, (David Graeber & David Wengrow, Dale Pendell, John Trudell, Noam Chomsky etc. ) We have featured shows about Ancient Celtic Anarchy, Brehon Law, and much more. We will continue to expand the palette of Radio EarthRites, and with increased donations we will be able to start having live shows and more. We are in the process of bringing on guest to host shows weekly & monthly…

This a fund raiser, yes, but it is also a call out to those who want to have a Radio Show on EarthRites.

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Thanks To All Our Supporters,
Radio EarthRites Presents:
Whit Griffin reading his poem “Psychic Sky”
Tuesday 8:00PM 3/14-Wednesday 12:00PM 3/15-Friday 8:00PM 3/17
(Pacific Coast Time)

Thanks to The Swan:

Spoken Word: Ancient Celtic Anarchy & Music more soon!

Lee’s Real Music Radio Pod: Every Thursday Evening, 8:00 PCT & Every Friday, 12:00 Noon PCT & Sunday 8:00PM.
Lee Evanz brings his mixes to Radio EarthRites from Thailand, weekly.  
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Presenting The Heaven Extended Mix!

EarthRiot With Rev. Billy!
Wednesdays, 8:00 PM PCT & Thursdays 12:00 PM
Angela Davis Speaks of Beauty and Justice
The surviving warrior, Angela Davis, speaks with young, gifted and black students in Toni Morrison’s hometown.
“I am no longer accepting things that I cannot change; I am changing things I cannot accept.  I am everyday associated with a people who refuse to give up!
Not only that – a people who have created in the process of the struggle – beauty!”  —  Beautiful Earth, Beautiful Earth, what do you have to say?  Beautiful Earth Beautiful Earth, what do you need to hear?



More Poetry & Spoken Word Coming, Stay Tuned!

Radio EarthRites Presents:  “The Victorious City” Mix

Almost 9 hours of Music featuring Medieval Andalusian/Sephardic, North African, Middle Eastern, Western Asia Tuneage… Tunes from Natacha Atlas, Baaba Maal, Niyaz, Hossam Ramzy, Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman (“The Victorious City” Album which was the inspiration for this mix!) Toires, Gigi Shabab, Duoud and so much more! Fire up that pipe, lay back and drift to far Cairo, The Victorious City, Al-Qāhirah, القاهرة المدينة المنتصرة !


New Shows Coming, Stay Tuned!

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Radio Free EarthRites Subscriptions

For More Details Please See Our New Program & Notes Page!

We will be having the occasional Guest DJ, If You have a Mix, Send it over!
New Spoken Word Coming:  Stay Tuned!