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Check this contributors out: Robert Venosa, Tim Daly, Dr. Con, Uncle Wyrdd, Diane Darling, Mike Crowley, Ovidio Cartagena , Bryan Ward , Rena Jones, Peter Webster, Wendell King,

Ennio Rambo, Kathleen Preising
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Dania – Leily (Transglobal Underground Mix)

The Sex Life of the Psychedelic Toad

Poems Of Beauty….Stéphane Mallarmé

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Dania – Leily (Transglobal Underground Mix)


The Sex Life of the Psychedelic Toad

by Paul Rydeen

Many of you are familiar with Bufo Alvarius, the infamous Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran desert. Episodes of toad-licking teenagers occasionally show up in newspapers, as another generation of thrill-seekers learns of the powerful but short-lived effects of the toad’s venom. This toxin is secreted through glands located on the toad’s neck and feet when agitated; apparently the trait evolved as a deterrence to predators. Though quick acting, the psychedelic may not act fast enough for a coyote or snake to release its prey, but it seems clear enough that the ensuing “trip” would be sufficient warning against future predation. Thus the individual gives his life for the good of the species.
Readers of Wade Davis’ The Serpent and the Rainbow will remember that the venom of the Bufo Marinus, the Sea Toad, is used by Haitian houngans to make zombie poison. The toad is placed in a jar or suitable container with a stinging sea worm; the two battle each other, causing sufficient agitation the toad to produce plenty of the drug for the dark operation. When mixed with just a little venom from the poisonous blowfish – renown in Japanese sushi bars as fugu – the intended victim becomes so completely catatonic that he is usually pronounced dead and buried. One wonders how many unintentional overdoses of this mixture induced actual death in the potential zombie. After a few days, the drug wears off, the zombie is disinterred and rebaptized, and put to work. A steady diet of datura ensures his continued complacency.
Unlike its aquatic cousin, B. Alvarius seems to have only been used recreationaly. Discovered during the height of the hedonistic 1960′s, the venom of the toad was collected and smoked by hippies looking to expand their minds. The toad is easily caught by hand anywhere near the irrigation canals in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona or the Mexican state of Sonora. A little handling is all it takes for the toad to become sufficiently agitated to produce the venom. After carefully scraping the raw poison from its glands, the toad is gently released back into the wild. A few days is usually needed for it to recover from a thorough “milking” such as this.
Unknown to many, however, is the incredible role this toxin plays in the mating cycle of the toad. Though each toad is entirely immune to its own venom, slight enzymatic differences between the sexes means that they are susceptible to their partner’s. During the act of mating, the toads become just as agitated as they would escaping a predator, and release copious quantities of the hallucinogenic drug. The psychedelic is subsequently absorbed through the skin by the other partner, where it has immediate effect. The toads reach climax in a psychedelic frenzy, the libido of each inflamed with the power of the others drug. Intercourse for the toads results in the ultimate mind-blowing orgasm, excellent impetus for the successful propagation of the species. This is the true reason for the folktales of the toad’s aphrodisiac properties.
Tis a joke folks… a joke!



Poems Of Beauty….Stéphane Mallarmé

To The Sole Concern

To the sole concern in voyaging

Beyond an India dark and splendid

– Let it be time’s message, this greeting

Cape that your stern doubled
As on some low yard plunging

Along with the vessel riding

Skimmed in constant frolicking

A bird bringing fresh tidings
That without the helm flickering

Shrieked in pure monotones

An utterly useless bearing

Night, despair, and precious stones
Reflected by its singing so

To the smile of pale Vasco.

All Summarised The Soul…

All summarised, the soul,

When slowly we breathe it out

In several rings of smoke

By other rings wiped out

Bears witness to some cigar

Burning skilfully while

The ash is separated far

From its bright kiss of fire

So does the choir of romantic art

Fly towards the lips

Exclude from it if you start

The real because it’s cheap

Meaning too precise is sure

To void your dreamy literature.

What Silk…
What silk of time’s sweet balm

Where the Chimera tired himself

Is worth the coils and natural cloud

You tend before the mirror’s calm?
The blanks of meditating flags

Stand high along our avenue:

But I’ve your naked tresses too

For burying my contented eyes.
No! The mouth cannot be sure

Of tasting anything in its bite

Unless your princely lover cares
In that mighty brush of hair

To breathe out, like a diamond,

The cry of Glory stifled there.

To Introduce Myself…
To introduce myself to your story

It’s as the frightened hero

If he touched with naked toe

A blade of territory
Prejudicial to glaciers I

Know of no sin’s naivety

Whose loud laugh of victory

You won’t have then denied
Say if I’m not filled with joyousness

Thunder and rubies to the hubs no less

To see in the air this fire is piercing
With royal kingdoms far scattering

The wheel crimson, as if in dying,

Of my chariot’s single evening.


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