Amadou et Mariam – Portland Zoo…

Mary and Rowan hanging out, eating a bit before the show….

Andrew, pre Kool-Aid…

Maren & Morgan making arcane family signals….

John, Rowan & Mary doing the mass giggle….

Andrew post Kool-Aid… (just joking folks!)

Morgan & Gwyllm conspiring to take over the NW Blog-o-Sphere…. (after we finish our drinks!)

Then the music started…. and we headed down to the stage…..

Mary & Rowan in the crowd…. having a very good time!

Igor the Drummer was on fire!

The Crowd was surging to the beats….

Burning Down the Solstice in a most spectacular way…. All the women in the crowd were beautiful, as all the men were handsome… the night came crashing down on us as we were all one, dancing….

Amadou and Mariam, signing CD’s afterwards…. I got to say hello to the band, and thank them for the great evening….

Our friends Janice and Ed who we caught up with in the crowd and danced with. We gave them a ride down from the Zoo with another addition… to the group. (see below)

Jack the wandering hound. He came running down the road towards us, almost getting hit by a car… We looked for his person/s to no avail. Leaving a phone number with some passing dog walkers, we headed down the hill with a very full vehicle.

We arrived home to a message from Jim, Jacks’ person who came by shortly after. Jack had gone missing after the show, and it was a joyous reunion at Caer Llwydd for the two of them…

Tonight is another Solstice Gathering, organized by Rowan for his friends at our home.

Ever Onward!

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