Dancing The Night Away…

Amadou et Mariam…. who we saw on Solstice!

What an amazing show! Will have commentary and photos later on… I just erased the entry, so I am exhausted…. Danced to some of the best music, like ever!

A great gathering of friends, a beautiful evening, a wonderful celebration of the Solstice!

More Later on….




Now the hungry lion roars,

And the wolf behowls the moon;

Whilst the heavy ploughman snores,

All with the weary task fordone.

Now the wasted brands do glow

Whilst the scritch-owl, scratching loud,

Puts the wretch that lies in woe

In remembrance of a shroud.

Now it is the time of night

That the graves, all gaping wide,

Everyone lets forth his sprite,

In the churchway paths to glide:

And we fairies, that do run

By the triple Hecate’s team

From the presence of the sun,

Following darkness like a dream,

Now are frolic; not a mouse

Shall disturb this hallowed house:

I am sent with broom before,

To sweep the dust behind the door.

Through the house give glimmering light,

By the dead and drowsy fire;

Every elf and fairy sprite

Hope as light as bird from brier;

And this ditty, after me,

Sing, and dance it, trippingly.

First rehearse your song by rote,

To each word a warbling note:

Hand in hand, with fairy grace,

Will we sing, and bless this place.

Now, until the break of day,

Through this house each fairy stray.

To the best bride-bed will we,

Which by us shall blessed be;

And the issue there create

Ever shall be fortunate.

So shall all the couples three

Ever true in loving be;

And the blots of Nature’s hand

Shall not in their issue stand;

Never mole, hare-lip, nor scar,

Nor mark prodigious, such as are

Despised in nativity,

Shall upon their children be.

With this field-dew consecrate,

Every fairy take his gait;

And each several chamber bless,

Through this palace with sweet peace:

And the owner of it blest,

Ever shall in safety rest.

Trip away;

Make no stay:

Meet me all by break of day