Soon Publishing: Divine Inebriation Part 1!

It Will Soon Be Here! Publishing in December!
Nearly 200 pages, a hybrid of sorts, combining my artwork over the last 2 decades with chronicles of adventures along the path as well.
It has been a long time coming. I started discussing this book with Dale & Laura Pendell around 2010-2011 and started assembly 6 years ago. I gave up on it a few times, changed direction and when I finished up on the design, I sent it to, Tria Prima a very interesting publishing house on the recommendations of the writer, P.D. Newman. They answered in under 24 hours, saying that they wanted to publish it. Amazing really. When I sent my last one to New Traditions, I didn’t even get a rejection notice.
There are distinct sections in the book. Illustrations done for the Invisible College (a review I have been publishing for 15 years or more. It was started on the recommendation of the late great artist Robert Venosa & his wonderful partner Martina Hoffmann). There are sections as well for my visionary work, and for Radio EarthRites, another project spanning 17 years.
The writing covers various adventures from the mid 60’s to the present. Some of the entries are entheogenically fueled, others not so much.
This book is the first in a series of three that I have been contemplating producing. The second one is now in the works.
I will let everyone know when this edition is finally published, and available!
Thanks for the kind support!

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