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Thursday Night. So much going on in the world, trying to make sense of it all, to parse it and to form a vision. A vision is all I have, and love.
I dedicate this to all who are trying to make a change in the world, and all who feel the urgency.
I have waited for decades for this moment, and I am happy to be here to share it with you.

Bright Blessings,

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The Vote Heard Round the World — The Video
The next 10 years will be very unlike the last 10 years
To a Tea Partier From an Occupier
Rahman Baba Poems
Jwaydan – standing our ground (Song for the Egyptian revolution)

The Links:
Occupy Wall Street Independent Media Team
March On Blair Mountain
Awakening the Giant
Earth First! Journal Too Popular for Facebook
Gertrude Stein Quotes:
A real failure does not need an excuse. It is an end in itself.

A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.

A writer should write with his eyes and a painter paint with his ears.

Action and reaction are equal and opposite.

America is my country and Paris is my hometown.

Americans are very friendly and very suspicious, that is what Americans are and that is what always upsets the foreigner, who deals with them, they are so friendly how can they be so suspicious they are so suspicious how can they be so friendly but they just are.
Seeing this today gave me such hope!
The Vote Heard Round the World — The Video

Thanks to Christelle Behrens for this!
The next 10 years will be very unlike the last 10 years


To a Tea Partier From an Occupier

Dale Pendell

Hey neighbor! I like that tri-cornered hat. And I like having you for a neighbor. Also, I like the Tea Party — the Boston Tea Party — that was an anti-corporate action. The citizens of Boston tossed 90,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor. All that tea belonged to the East India Company — about a third of their total annual import.

The real issue wasn’t the tea tax — the tea would have cost less than people in England were paying — the issue was that the East India Company wanted to set up what today is called “vertical marketing.” That is, they wanted control of the distribution and sales of tea — all tea — a monopoly. All the Colonists had to do to get cheap foreign goods was to accept global corporatism. They didn’t, and we could say that this country was born in an anti-corporate action. So why aren’t you standing with us Occupiers?

(More At This Link: To a Tea Partier From an Occupier

Rahman Baba Poems

Awal Din, 65, stands amid the rubble of the Sufi poet Rahman Baba’s mausoleum after it was bombed by the Taliban.

Antics of the Age

Contemplate the frantic
Efforts of the age
Countless are its antics
Boundless is its rage

Grieve in silence, brother!
Lest you keep your poise
Good men will be bothered
Evil men rejoice

Patience is a virtue
With the sweetest taste
When impatience hurts you,
Know, that haste is waste

Take on trust your fate if
You desire repose,
You would soon regret if
Something else you chose

Freedom cannot flourish
In your daily job
If a dream you nourish
Give your labour up

Falter shall the bustling
World, as I have said,
Should Rahman but trust in
What has got to fade?

Sow Flowers

Sow flowers to make a garden bloom around you,
The thorns you sow will prick your own feet.

Arrows shot at others
Will return to hit you as they fall.

You yourself will come to teeter on the lip
Of a well dug to undermine another.

Though you look at others with contempt,
It’s you whose body will be reduced to dust.

Humanity is all one body;
To torture another is simply to wound yourself.

When you don’t look for faults in others,
They will conceal your weaknesses in return.

Make your path straight now, by the bright light of day;
For pitch darkness will come without warning.

Consider no wickedness insignificant, however slight;
For the little deeds of darkness soon pile up.

If another does you harm, return them good;
Or evil will devour you too.

The heart that is safe in the storm
Is the one which carries
Others’ burdens
Like a

The One

If for a soul-mate you dream,
See past the alluring fashion of her dress.

The vision of such flowing hair
Entwines around the heart, but
Constricts and squeezes out the one it treasures most.

Instead, follow the creator of this world;
Who fashioned each soul from love,
And made passion the highest goal.

The time to start the quest is now.
There is no second chance
To embrace the joy, the pain,
Of the one
Who longs
For you.

Jwaydan – standing our ground (Song for the Egyptian revolution)

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