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It should be noted that the art this time is from Maura Holden, these pieces and more are featured in The 4th Edition of The Invisible College…

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Cibelle – Gracefully

Coyote Morning

True Hallucinations: Chapter 20: The Oversoul as Saucer

Poetry: From The Ancients… Euripides

Cibelle – Refazenda

Art: Maura Holden…


Cibelle – Gracefully



Coyote Morning
Old men

and old coyote dogs

boil their dreams in the sun

served steaming within a bowl

filled with shadows

rolling sticks onto the ground

and making wild songs

while they smack their lips

and spit out the dust

blown in by the winds


and place-less

but hard to ignore.

True Hallucinations: Chapter 20: The Oversoul as Saucer

-Terence McKenna

There is building in global society an increasingly intense expectation of the intervention into human history by UFOs. It is very similar in tone to the buildup of messianic expectation in the Hellenistic world in the several centuries preceding the birth of Christ. The leaders of Roman society may have been caught off guard by the appearance of Christ, but they had no one to blame but themselves since milllions of people in the ancient world were expectantly awaiting some kind of messiah. So today, science and govenment koo-koo the idea of world contact with the UFOs, while the contact cults grow ever larger and more insistent that contact is about to occur.
Imagine, therefore, what you may never have seriously imagined before. Imagine what would happen if the UFOs were to appear. Imagine a spaceship of the close encounters of the third kind variety suddenly appearing in orbit around the Earth. Television and mass media would carry its image to every man, woman and child on the planet. Governments would be paralyzed. Science would be helpless to explain where it came from or how it got here. Millenarian hysteria would break out everywhere. The UFO would be hailed as savior and denounced as antichrist. The end of the world would appear imminent, and all this would occur before the contact was more than a visual image. Then the UFO would begin its revelation. Vast displays of beneficent power can be expected. Perhaps it would mysteriously neutralize all weapons of mass destruction, or it might use some sort of ray to cure all terrestrial cancer. Whatever it does one may be sure that its actions will be impressive. Its actions will convert millions to the UFO religion in a space of hours. Indeed, its actions will be specifically designed to overwhelm us with the reality of its power and presence. That will close the first stage of the revelation.
The second stage will be the teachings. Telepathically imparted, the specifics of the teachings cannot be anticipated, but they will urge love, voluntary simplicity, concern for one another, renunciation of war, perhaps renunciation of the destructive application of science. Whatever the teachings, the UFO will promise immense reward to those who follow them and dire consequences for those who do not. And the teachings will be delivered in so poetically perfect a way, so rich in understanding and appealing nuances that no one will doubt their origin in a being wise and good and immensely superior to ourselves. The delivery of the teachings will set the stage for the third and last and most shocking phase of the revelation: the departure.
The saucer, promising vaguely to return, will simply disappear. The entire process could take less than a month. If this seems a short time recall that the entire public career of Christ lasted only three years. Christ’s career occured in a world where information could move no faster than a horse’s gallup. Yet three years in one small part of the world was all that was necessary to launch a world religion that was vital for 1500 years. In a world of electronic communication the impact of the saucer’s arrival, miracles, teaching and departure would be incalculable – even if it all occured within a month. The saucer would leave in its wake a science utterly unable to provide any answers to the important questions concerning what had gone on. The vast majority of people would be fanatical converts to the teachings of the saucer, and any institution in opposition to those teachings could expect to be swept away almost overnight. The departure of the UFO would create a sense of abandonment, the agony of which could be expected to echo in the human psyche for centuries. The only panacea would be the religion of the saucer, the religion left behind. Science would be discredited and soon abandoned in favor of a thousand or more years of exegesis of the saucerian message. Is it not a familiar pattern in the light of our discussion of Christ and Rome?
What will never be said in the wake of such an event and so must be said now while there is still time for all of the above to occur and yet still be deception. A benign deception designed to save us from our advanced science and infantile ethics, but a deception nevertheless. The saucer, no matter how alien it appears, no matter how advanced its demonstrations of power, is NOT a vehicle from some other star system, it is the oversoul of humanity up to its oldest trick. If one knows this one can live through the revelation and the destruction of our scientific world and yet evade the immense power of this most powerful of all transference phenomenon and thereby maintain the integrity of one’s own soul and spirit. Remember, I am not a debunker of flying saucers or a defender of science, I am a contactee, and this book is the painstakingly told story of my own involvement with the UFOs. I am one of those Vallee has pinpointed as being a carrier of ideas that pave the way for the scenario I have just described. Yet from it all I have learned that there is no religious revelation more satisfying than the hard won fruits of simple understanding. And there is no liberation to compare with freeing oneself from the illusions and delusions of the age in which one lives.
I reach these conclusions through my use and familiarity with psilocybin and other psychedelic drugs. They immerse their user in the world of the oversoul and make one privileged to at least a part of its mechanics of operation. They allow a private dialogue with the oversoul that is outside the context of the struggle between science and revelation that leaves no choice between the alienation of the rationalist and the tired formulas of the fanatic believer. Psychedelic drugs hold out the possibility of healing the breach between science and morality at the level of the individual, thus freeing one to evolve independent of the chaos and transformation the UFOs may soon bring to humanity.
Vallee’s recent book ‘Messengers of Deception’ vibrates with fear of the unconscious and alienation from the matrix of the larger psyche out of which rational thought has emerged. He fears the destruction of rationalism and scientific thought, yet never once does he mention the potential world wrecking crisis that the undirected development of science and technology has brought into being. He paints himself as an open-minded investigator of UFOs, yet never questions the motives of the retired and unnamed intelligence officers in which he places so much faith. It is impossible that the CIA is unaware of the social impact belief in UFOs is having? If they were unaware of it before then surely the recent writings of Vallee himself must have alerted them to the potential challenge UFO beliefs pose to orthodox institutions. Based on Vallee’s own ideas of an informational struggle between rational and irrational elements, how was he able to ignore the possibility that the mutilations which he is so eager to connect with UFOs are nothing more that a govenment agency’s clumsy attempt to discredit the genuine UFO phenomenon? It is a typical method of the intelligence community to discredit human groups it opposes by faking atrocities in such a way that they appear to have been committed by the group whose discrediting is sought. Vallee gives examples of this but never suspects that some government agency might be using this technique to impede the transfer of loyalties from political institutions to the UFOs. He mentions the proximity of animal mutilations to high-security government installations but never suggests this might be because such installations are the source of these mutilations. Few UFO sightings involve confusion among witnesses over whether or not what they saw was a UFO or a helicopter. Yet in the animal mutilation cases many witnesses insist a helicopter was involved. Vallee is at pains to say no physical evidence of a UFO has ever been collected. Yet later he passes over the fact that a quite ordinary surgical scalpel was found at one cattle mutilation site. It seems possible to me t
hat some people in government have read Vallee and are familiar with his theories regarding UFOs as a factor introducing shifts in belief systems and institutional loyalties on a global scale. Without knowing what UFOs really are these persons and agencies have launched smokescreen operations designed to cast doubt on the motives and harmlessness of UFOs and so to retard or halt the shift of loyalties and beliefs now reaching epidemic proportions. I suspect that Vallee’s book may be the opening shot in a media war whose purpose will be to connect the occult, right-wing fanatacism, and animal mutilations to the UFO, all in an effort to cast doubt on the vast power and benign intent of the saucer phenomenon. Vallee’s title ‘Messengers of Deception’ bears a curious resemblance to J. Edgar Hoover’s ‘Masters of Deceit’. There the boogey man was communism. In Vallee’s book we are told the new boogey man is UFO phenomenon. Who chose the title for Vallee’s book? Was it Vallee or the mysterious major who was so helpful in guiding Vallee down these new avenues of speculation? I believe that Vallee whether wittingly or unwittingly is himself a messenger of deception and has become the spearhead of a conscious effort to sow even deeper confusion in society regarding UFOs.
We might say it is an effort foredoomed to failure. The collective overmind of our species is the source of the UFO and its designs cannot be deflected or turned aside. Its viewpoint is one of thousands of years and its means visionary and charismatic belief systems which act to restore the balance between understanding of and reverence for the universe is a message more powerful than any offered by the profane materialist societies that have grown so foolish as to imagine themselves the stewards of human destiny. Humanity alone and each of us individualy is the steward of human destiny. This is the real meaning of the UFOs and the experiment at La Chorrera.


Poetry: From The Ancients… Euripides

LOVE SONG (from “Cyclops”)
One with eyes the fairest

Cometh from his dwelling,

Some one loves thee, rarest,

Bright beyond my telling.

In thy grace thou shinest

Like some nymph divinest,

In her caverns dewy:–

All delights pursue thee,

Soon pied flowers, sweet-breathing,

Shall thy head be wreathing.

Fair by thy speed, Sidonian ship!

Thine oars, familiar to the oarsman’s grip,

Fall fast, and make the surges bound,

And lead along the dolphin train,

While all around

The winds forego to vex the main,

And the mariners hear

The sea-king’s daughter calling clear,

“Now, sails to the breeze, fling out, fling out,

Now pull, strong arms, to the cheering shout;

Speed royal Helen, away and away,

To Argos home, to the royal bay.”

What sacred hour, what festal tide

Shall bring fair Helen to Eurotas’ side?

Say, shall the Spartan maidens dance

Before Leucippis then? Or meet

That day perchance

At Pallas’ gate? Or shall they greet

Thee, lost so long,

With lost Hyacinthus’ nightly song,

How Phoebus slew him with quoit far-flown,

And yearly the maidens with mourning atone?

There is one of them, Helen, one fair of the fair,

Who will not be wife till her mother be there!

O for wings to fly

Where the flocks of fowl together

Quit the Afric sky,

Late their refuge from the wintry weather!

All the way with solemn sound

Rings the leader’s clarion cry

O’er dewless deserts and glad harvest ground.

We would bid them, as they go,

Neck by neck against the cloud

Racing nightly ‘neath the stars,

When Eurotas rolls below,

Light and leave a message loud,

How princely Menelaus, proud

With conquest, cometh from the Dardan wars.

Come, eternal Pair [1],

Come, Twin Brethren, from your heaven ascended;

Down the steep of air

Drive, by many a starry glance attended!

‘Mid the waters white and blue,

‘Mid the rolling waves be there,

And brotherly bring safe your sister through.

Airs from heaven, serene and pure,

Breathe upon her; bless and speed;

Breathe away her cruel shame!

Never he did Paris lure,

Never won her (as they rede)

Of Aphrodite for his meed,

Nor thither led, where never yet she came!
1 Castor and Pollux, brothers of Helen, set in the heavens as the constellation of the Twins and supposed to be propitious to mariners.

Breeze, breeze of the sea,

Who the wave-passers bearest home

Swift and unwearied o’er the billows’ foam,

Ah! whither lead’st thou me

Grief-worn? whose house must have

This thing — a captured slave?

Or shall I reach a harbor strand

Dorian of Phthian, where they tell

Apidanos o’erstreams the land,

Father of fairest founts that well?

Or else some island shore,

Urged, wretched, on my way with brine-splashed oar,

To lead a life of weary sorrow there,

Where the first palm bare fruit,

Where the bay raised each sacred shoot

To form a bower,

Leto’s protection in her trial of hour?

Or shall I, like Delian maiden,

Sing of Artemis divine,

Golden-filleted, bow-laden?

Or at Pallas’ sacred shrine

The steeds to her fair chariot yoke

To bear her, clad in saffron cloak,

And braid the silken garments thin

With saffron flowerets woven in?

Or shall I sing the Titan brood,

Whom Zeus, great Kronos’ son,

Poured twice-forged fire upon,

And did to lasting sleep by that fell bolt and rude?

Ah, sorrow for the young,

For those whose life was long,

For all the land,

A heap of smoking ruin,

Spear-pierced to her undoing

By Argive hand!

And I shall be a slave

Within a country not my own,

Leaving the land that Europe has o’erthrown,

‘Scaping the chambers of the grave.

Lady, the sun’s light to our eyes is dear,

And fair the tranquil reaches of the sea,

And flowery earth in May, and bounding waters;

And so right many fair things I might praise;

Yet nothing is so radiant and so fair

As for souls childless, with desire sore-smitten,

To see the light of babes about the house.

Cibelle – Refazenda



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