A Winter’s Afternoon…

In any circumstance good or bad, abandon

All hope from Buddhas and give up

All fears of suffering in Samsara.

Recognize that hope and fear are the

Magical display of your own mind

Of Primordial Purity.

Remain in the state where there is neither

Perceiver nor object of perception.

Let go into the immaculate space

Of Great Perfection beyond

Meditation or distractive disturbance.

– Tibetan Scroll
In Memory of Anna Marly…..

Leonard Cohen – Performing Anna Marlys’ ‘The Partisan”


I came in from working all day in the cold, ear-ache and throat working overtime, but it was glorious, Beautiful Sun, and a gentle North West breeze… I will take the physical bs for the beauty…
Morgan stopped by our work-site, he was in a fine mood, back from visiting his lady friend back in Vermont and Maine….
This edition was brought about by Lo talking about Leonard Cohen the other day…. So without further ado….
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Leonard Cohen – The Gypsy Wife

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Zen Quotes:
The clouds of sunset

Gather in the western sky,

And over the silent silvery Han

Rises a white jade moon.

Not often does life

Bring such beauty.

Where shall I see the moon

Next year?

– Su T’ung-Po (1037-1101)

The Way is vast and without favor.

The all-empty Tao is profound.

With an empty heart,

Its nature is easily learned,

Though its power encompasses the cosmos.

With its wisdom one may discern

Life’s great mysteries,

So that the heart may becomes pure

As the throne of the immortals.

– Loy Ching-Yuen (1873-1960)

The wind is the breath of heaven and earth.

Into every corner it unfolds and reaches;

Without choosing between high or low,

Exalted or humble, it touches everywhere.

– Song Yu (290-223 BCE)

Listening to Snow

Cold night, no wind, bamboo making noises,

Noises far apart, now bunched together,

Filtering the pine-flanked lattice.

Listening with ears is less fine

Than listening with the mind.

Beside the lamp I lay

Aside the half scroll of sutra

– Daito

Where subject and object are realized

As a single sphere

Happiness and sorrow mingle as one

Whatever circumstances I encounter,

I am free in the blissful realm

Of self-awakening Wisdom

– Milarepa

There is no help in changing

Your environment.

The obstacle is the mind,

Which must be overcome,

Whether at home or in the forest.

If you can do it in the forest,

Why not in the home?

Therefore, why change the environment?

– Ramana Maharshi

Evening mountains veiled in somber mist,

One path entering the wooded hill:

The monk has gone off, locking his pine door.

From a bamboo pipe a lonely trickle of water flows.

– Ishikawa Jozan (1583-1672)

Leonard Cohen – The Gypsy Wife


Poetry: Leonard Cohen

Waiting for Marianne from “Flowers for Hitler”
I have lost a telephone

with your smell in it
I am living beside the radio

all the stations at once

but I pick out a Polish lullaby

I pick it out of the static

it fades I wait I keep the beat

it comes back almost alseep
Did you take the telephone

knowing I’d sniff it immoderately

maybe heat up the plastic

to get all the crumbs of your breath
and if you won’t come back

how will you phone to say

you won’t come back

so that I could at least argue

Leonard Cohen – A Thousand kisses deep


Millennium from “Flowers for Hitler”
This could be my little

book about love

if I wrote it–

but my good demon said:

‘Lay off documents!’

Everybody was watching me

burn my books–

I swung my liberty torch

happy as a gestapo brute;

the only thing I wanted to save

was a scar

a burn or two–

but my good demon said:

‘Lay off documents!

The fire’s not important!’

The pile was safely blazing.

I went home to take a bath.

I phoned my grandmother.

She is suffering from arthritis.

‘Keep well,’ I said, ‘don’t mind the pain.’

‘You neither,’ she said.

Hours later I wondered

did she mean

don’t mind my pain

or don’t mind her pain?

Whereupon my good demon said:

‘Is that all you can do?’

Well was it?

Was it all I could do?

There was the old lady

eating alone, thinking about

Prince Albert, Flanders Field,

Kishenev, her fingers too sore

for TV knobs;

but how could I get there ?

The books were gone

my address lists–

My good demon said again:

‘Lay off documents!

You know how to get there!’

And suddenly I did!

I remembered it from memory!

I found her

pouring over the royal family tree,


I almost said,

‘you’ve got it upside down–’

‘Take a look,’ she said,

‘it only goes to George V.’

‘That’s far enough

you sweet old blood!’

‘You’re right!’ she sang

and burned the

London Illustrated Souvenir

I did not understand

the day it was

till I looked outside

and saw a fire in every

window on the street

and crowds of humans

crazy to talk

and cats and dogs and birds

smiling at each other!

Leonard Cohen – If it be your will


Story Of Isaac
The door it opened slowly,

my father he came in,

I was nine years old.

And he stood so tall above me,

his blue eyes they were shining

and his voice was very cold.

He said, “I’ve had a vision

and you know I’m strong and holy,

I must do what I’ve been told.”

So he started up the mountain,

I was running, he was walking,

and his axe was made of gold.

Well, the trees they got much smaller,

the lake a lady’s mirror,

we stopped to drink some wine.

Then he threw the bottle over.

Broke a minute later

and he put his hand on mine.

Thought I saw an eagle

but it might have been a vulture,

I never could decide.

Then my father built an altar,

he looked once behind his shoulder,

he knew I would not hide.

You who build these altars now

to sacrifice these children,

you must not do it anymore.

A scheme is not a vision

and you never have been tempted

by a demon or a god.

You who stand above them now,

your hatchets blunt and bloody,

you were not there before,

when I lay upon a mountain

and my father’s hand was trembling

with the beauty of the word.

And if you call me brother now,

forgive me if I inquire,

“Just according to whose plan?”

When it all comes down to dust

I will kill you if I must,

I will help you if I can.

When it all comes down to dust

I will help you if I must,

I will kill you if I can.

And mercy on our uniform,

man of peace or man of war,

the peacock spreads his fan.


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