A wee bit of Rock…

A few videos and some poetry around the world of rock music. A break from the trance, and world. Some of my favourites, I hope you enjoy,


The Linkage:

8th Circuit upholds ban on in-class Bible distribution

A Boycott Of Israel: Something Has Changed

Out-of-body experience recreated

Druids and witches honour executed girl’s spirit


Music Videos That I like….

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Weapon Of Choice


Some of our Local Heroes….
The Dandy Warhols- Bohemian like You


Wonderful Sense of Humour….
The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots [Live]


BRMC again. Great Band!
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – We’re All in Love


Poetry: Jim Carroll

Paregoric Babies
Clocks blue seconds fold over me

slow as swamp dreams I feel

heavy like metal shade pre-dawn thickness
I sit
in my chair of nods shivering

from a sickness I took years to perfect
dark paddling in the wave membrane

the moneky woman’s dream steams
are places of shy creatures, head infants

I had born on a whim and abandoned…my eye
drips the strain in the sweet March air, frozen

pure as my blood refuses to flow…

stilled, sweat that shines the breath of my poem

Fear And Trembling
To play Segovia

upon waking

is the highest I

might ever aspire to might

even shoot down the pain

dreams these hands

shake colorless they

can’t foreget and

in that way just can’t defend
sun stirred

in coffee

by condensed air spoons
on the bathroom floor on the porcelain there
blue blood
from the terrace the reservoir

evaporates in the violet tubes of

morning air, chokes miniature landscapes…

none of these processes fail me
only the flower
too distant to imagine even…
though you sleep through…
sunken eyes radiate the bed
empties the frost

from the bars and windows
pouting torn bending image
I watch the children you breathe dissolve

I see the plain girl the plain print gown
then I figured out what was real

blue blood
remember? I noticed the morning and its sound
I noticed the scar

on your wrist as

the palms rise

to catch each tear

The Blue Pill

I took the blue pill this morning
I got new angles on the trees across the driveway
Timmie the bear

does his little roll on the rug
and at night

a sound gathers the tiny ambulances

from their homes
it is distant and hollow
a little like the sound

of a perfetly tuned ocarina.

Love Poem (Later)

for Rise
The little bonus

of my hand on your breast

makes a bus seem so useful

when some rain begins to open.
then cloud waves cracked sun shafts

when the sky began to whistle

and I was thinking about it all night

just watching it move from my eye to my hand.
it’s not very meaningless

the changes one makes lying down

it’s almost the way a mountain feels

when it becomes a star

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