“I’ve concluded that genius is as common as dirt. We suppress our genius only because we haven’t yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women. The solution, I think, is simple and glorious. Let them manage themselves.”

– John Taylor Gatto

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Anarchy Quotes

William Shatner Remixed

The Appeal Of Anarchy

A Small Visit With Lewis Carroll

Anarchy Quotes:

It is not enough for a handful of experts to attempt the solution of a problem, to solve it and then to apply it. The restriction of knowledge to an elite group destroys the spirit of society and leads to its intellectual impoverishment.

– Albert Einstein
Anarchy is the true nature of all things. Monarchy, democracy, communism, all useless forms to control the human mind. But a mind cannot be control. It cannot be restrained. It has no boundaries. It has its will. Anarchy is the true nature of all things…

– Alex Battig
the Earth is not dying, it is being murdered and the people murdering it have names and addresses’

– British Ef!, Seen In Diy Culture: Party And Protest In Nineties Britain (Verso)
“You are not a beautiful, unique snowflake… This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”

– Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club
Anarchy is the basis for the anti-establishmentarian movement. Now it is a fad and a corporate logo. The fundamental basis for the anarchist movement is against everything it is now associated with. Corporations and mass profiterring on a political ideal. Would some body try this with Republicans or Democrats? Hell no! Anarchy appeals to the milk-fed, sheltered Hot-Topic shopping misguided children that shoot up our schools representing something they don’t understand.

– Disestablish This. Non-Commercial, Non-Profit, Just Free Speech.
If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution.

– Emma Goldman
People, if given the choice between anarchy and dictatorship, will always choose dictatorship because anarchy is the worst dictatorship of all.

– Eric Sevareid
The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder”

– Former Chicago Mayor Daley During The Infamous 1968 Convention
If you have an apple, and I have an apple, and we exchange the apples, then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea, and I have an idea, and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.

– George Bernard Shaw
If we can’t have revolution, we just might settle for revenge.

– George Oswall
Anyone in a free society where the laws are unjust has an obligation to break the law.

– Henry David Thoreau

William Shatner Remixed


The Appeal Of Anarchy – John Moore

(gleaned from the writings of John Leland & Starhawk)
Amidst ecstatic visions Anarchy appears. She says:
Whenever you need anything, once a month at the full moon, assemble in the wilderness—in the forest, on the heath, by the seashore—for the state of nature is a community of freedoms. Recognize the imminence of total liberation, and as a sign of your freedom be naked in your rites.
Dance and sing, laugh and play, feast on the fruits of the earth, the delights of my body, make music and love—for all acts of pleasure are my rituals. And I am that which you find in the fulfulment of desire.
Abolish all authority, root out coercion. Share all things in common and decide through consensus. Shake off the character armor which binds and constrains. Let the wilderness energies possess you.
Cast the magic circle, enter the trance of ecstasy, revel in the sorcery which dispels all power. But commit no sacrifices. Repudiate harmfulness, exploitation and slaughter. Rather venerate all creatures and respect them as different but equal to you.
Total transformation thus becomes possible.
This rite shall continue to be celebrated until Anarchy becomes universal.


A Small Visit With Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodson)
How doth the little crocodile

Improve his shining tail,

And pour the waters of the Nile

On every golden scale!
How cheerfully he seems to grin,

How neatly spreads his claws,

And welcomes little fishes in

With gently smiling jaws!”

And with that she began nursing her child again, singing a sort of lullaby to it as she did so, and giving it a violent shake at the end of every line:
Speak roughly to your little boy,

And beat him when he sneezes;

He only does it to annoy,

Because he knows it teases.”

(in which the cook and the baby joined): — –
“Wow! wow! wow!”
While the Duchess sang the second verse of

the song, she kept tossing the baby violently up

and down, and the poor little thing howled so,

that Alice could hardly hear the words: — –
“I speak severely to my boy,

I beat him when he sneezes;

For he can thoroughly enjoy

The pepper when he pleases!”
“Wow! wow! wow!”

A BOAT beneath a sunny sky,

Lingering onward dreamily

In an evening of July –
Children three that nestle near,

Eager eye and willing ear,

Pleased a simple tale to hear –
Long has paled that sunny sky:

Echoes fade and memories die:

Autumn frosts have slain July.
Still she haunts me, phantomwise,

Alice moving under skies

Never seen by waking eyes.
Children yet, the tale to hear,

Eager eye and willing ear,

Lovingly shall nestle near.
In a Wonderland they lie,

Dreaming as the days go by,

Dreaming as the summers die:
Ever drifting down the stream –

Lingering in the golden dream –

Life, what is it but a dream?

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