On The Music Box: Diaspora Sefardi

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Exquisite. Wonderful music of the Sephardic/Sefardic people.

Most of the music seems to be from Andalusia, but I am sure it wanders quite away from there.

I would imagine Timbuktunes would have this album.

Very relaxing, and it transports you back in time in a lovely way…

We certainly recommend it for your listening pleasure.

We watched The Wind And The Lion…again after several years. I have always enjoyed the film, but often wondered about the story… Well, it does turn out to be a bit more interesting than what Hollywood portrays. When Teddy Roosevelt cried out at the 1904 Republican Convention: ‘Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead!’ He had no idea what this whole episode portends for future times.

It seems our history of getting involved in the East/Middle East is not a recent phenomena. Sadly, we still rush in where fools dare to go…

Regardless, it is a great film of the adventure type. Check it out at Netflix, or your local retail outlet for DVD rentals. Sean Connery as the Rasuli, a pretty amazing juxtaposition of a Scotsman into a Berber. (remember the Celts came through North Africa as well!)

Anyway, still cold around here. John Gunn and my nephew Ethan came by yesterday. John is doing some GIS work locally, and we will be seeing him about more often. Ethan stopped by on his way to work. He is on the night shift now, so he goes in around 3:00PM to work…

I ended up giving Mixmaster a ride over to NW Portland to a small pub where he had left his car due to problems with his key in the cold weather. We had a nice time and a good discussion. We are talking about a project in the ‘Blog-asaurus-Sphere… still in the talking vein, but it sounds a bit of fun.

Editing the last of the magazine, and looking about for a few opportunities, which seem few and far between this time of the early year here in Portland.

Time to get the candles out!



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