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On the Music Box Boozoo Bajou – Satta (catch the grooooooove)

Rowan heading off to be a Camp Counsellor for Outdoor School on Sunday morning. This is his third semester as a counsellor, and he plans to do three more. He really enjoys it… Outdoor School is for 6th graders, open to all students across Oregon. An excellent program, that takes kids out to the wilderness for nature studies and relationship building with fellow students. It had really touched Rowan when he had gone; he felt the drive to pass it along. He has received some nice commendations for his mentoring and teaching skills.

Makes me very happy, indeed it does….

A small entry today and tomorrow, scaling back and taking a rest.



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Hafiz of Course…

Like The Morning Breeze

Like the morning breeze, if you bring to the morning good deeds,

The rose of our desire will open and bloom.

Go forward, and make advances down this road of love;

In forward motion, the pain is great.

To beg at the door of the Winehouse is a wonderful alchemy.

If you practice this, soon you will be converting dust into gold.

O heart, if only once you experience the light of purity,

Like a laughing candle, you can abandon the life you live in your head.

But if you are still yearning for cheap wine and a beautiful face,

Don’t go out looking for an enlightened job.

Hafiz, if you are listening to this good advice,

The road of Love and its enrichment are right around the curve.


No More Leaving


Some point

Your relationship

With God


Become like this:

Next time you meet Him in the forest

Or on a crowded city street

There won’t be anymore


That is,

God will climb into

Your pocket.

You will simply just take



We Might Have To Medicate You

Resist your temptation to lie

By speaking of separation from God,


We might have to medicate


In the ocean

A lot goes on beneath your eyes.


They have clinics there too

For the insane

Who persist in saying things like:

“I am independent from the


God is not always around


Pressing against

My body.”

From the Large Jug, Drink

From the large jug, drink the wine of Unity,

So that from your heart you can wash away the futility of life’s grief.

But like this large jug, still keep the heart expansive.

Why would you want to keep the heart captive, like an unopened bottle

of wine?

With your mouth full of wine, you are selfless

And will never boast of your own abilities again.

Be like the humble stone at your feet rather than striving to be like a

Sublime cloud: the more you mix colors of deceit, the more colorless

your ragged wet coat will get.

Connect the heart to the wine, so that it has body,

Then cut off the neck of hypocrisy and piety of this new man.

Be like Hafiz: Get up and make an effort. Don’t lie around like a bum.

He who throws himself at the Beloved’s feet is like a workhorse and will

be rewarded with boundless pastures and eternal rest.


Have A Good Day!