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Gifts from Friends, early mornings, late afternoons… Went to visit our friend Glen last night, having a delightful meal out side on his deck, drinking most excellent wine. (Glen is a Vintner!) Good music, nice conversation with Glen and his friend Sarah, Janice and Ed, and Glen’s daughter Keilly. The Sun crashed into the Pacific, the Stars shook off their covers, the fire roared and we had a wonderful time. A moment suspended in beauty.

Hope this finds you in a good place…

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Poetry: The Lyrical Works of Tim Buckley Part 1




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A homage for an Artist: shared by Cymon who met Serges’ partner in Brazil…

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“>A gift from Mike at A tribute to Syd Barrett…

From Mike Crowley: The Lair of Great Cthulhu


From The Moravian: GODMOTHER DEATH

THERE was a man, very poor in this world’s goods, whose wife presented him with a baby boy. No one was willing to stand sponsor, because he was so very poor. The father said to himself: ‘Dear Lord, I am so poor that no one is willing to be at my service in this matter; I’ll take the baby, I’ll go, and I’ll ask the first person I meet to act as sponsor, and if I don’t meet anybody, perhaps the sexton will help me.’ He went and met Death, but didn’t know what manner of person she was; she was a handsome woman, like any other woman. He asked her to be godmother. She didn’t make any excuse, and immediately saluted him as parent of her godchild, took the baby in her arms, and carried him to church. The little lad was properly christened. When they came out of church, the child’s father took the godmother to an inn, and wanted to give her a little treat as godmother. But she said to him, ‘Gossip, * leave this alone, and come with me to my abode.’ She took him with her to her apartment, which was very handsomely furnished. Afterwards she conducted him into great vaults, and through these vaults they went right into the underworld in the dark. There tapers were burning of three sizes–small, large, and middle-sized; and those which were not yet alight were very large. The godmother said to the godchild’s father: ‘Look, Gossip, here I have the duration of everybody’s life.’ The child’s father gazed thereat, found there a tiny taper close to the very ground, and asked her: ‘But, Gossip, I pray you, whose is this little taper close to the ground?’ She said to him: ‘That is yours! When any taper whatsoever burns down, I must go for that man.’ He said to her: ‘Gossip, I pray you, give me somewhat additional.’ She said to him: ‘Gossip, I cannot do that!’ Afterwards she went and lighted a large new taper for the baby boy whom they had had christened. Meanwhile, while the godmother was not looking, the child’s father took for himself a large new taper, lit it, and placed it where his tiny taper was burning down.

The godmother looked round at him and said: ‘Gossip, you ought not to have done that to me; but if you have given yourself additional lifetime, you have done so and possess it. Let us go hence, and we’ll go to your wife.’

She took a present, and went with the child’s father and the child to the mother. She arrived, and placed the boy on his mother’s bed, and asked her how she was, and whether she had any pain anywhere. The mother confided her griefs to her, and the father sent for some beer, and wanted to entertain her in his cottage, as godmother, in order to gratify her and show his gratitude. They drank and feasted together. Afterwards the godmother said to her godchild’s father: ‘Gossip, you are so poor that no one but myself would be at your service in this matter; but never mind, you shall bear me in memory! I will go to the houses of various respectable people and make them ill, and you shall physic and cure them. I will tell you all the remedies. I possess them all, and everybody will be glad to recompense you well, only observe this: When I stand at anyone’s feet, you can be of assistance to every such person; but if I stand at anybody’s head, don’t attempt to aid him.’ It came to pass. The child’s father went from patient to patient, where the god-mother caused illness, and benefited every one. All at once he became a distinguished physician. A prince was dying–nay, he had breathed his last–nevertheless, they sent for the physician. He came, he began to anoint him with salves and give him his powders, and did him good. When he had restored him to health, they paid him well, without asking how much they were indebted. Again, a count was dying. They sent for the physician again. The physician came. Death was standing behind the bed at his head. The physician cried: ‘It’s a bad case, but we’ll have a try.’ He summoned the servants, and ordered them to turn the bed round with the patient’s feet towards Death, and began to anoint him with salves and administer powders into his mouth, and did him good. The count paid him in return as much as he could carry away, without ever asking how much he was indebted; he was only too glad that he had restored him to health. When Death met the physician, she said to him: ‘Gossip, if this occurs to you again, don’t play me that trick any more. True, you have done him good, but only for a while; I must, none the less, take him off whither he is due.’ The child’s father went on in this way for some years; he was now very old. But at last he was wearied out, and asked Death herself to take him. Death was unable to take him, because he had given himself a long additional taper; she was obliged to wait till it burned out. One day he drove to a certain patient to restore him to health, and did so. Afterwards Death revealed herself to him, and rode with him in his carriage. She began to tickle and play with him, and tap him with a green twig under the throat; he threw himself into her lap, and went off into the last sleep. Death laid him in the carriage, and took herself off. They found the physician lying dead in his carriage, and conveyed him home. The whole town and all the villages lamented: ‘That physician is much to be regretted. What a good doctor he was! He was of great assistance; there will never be his like again!’ His son remained after him, but had not the same skill.

The son went one day into church, and his godmother met him. She asked him: ‘My dear son, how are you?’ He said to her: ‘Not all alike; so long as I have what my dad saved up for me, it is well with me, but after that the Lord God knows how it will be with me.’ His godmother said: ‘Well, my son, fear nought. I am your christening mamma; I helped your father to what he had, and will give you, too, a livelihood. You shall go to a physician as a pupil, and you shall be more skilful than he, only behave nicely.’ After this she anointed him with salve over the ears, and conducted him to a physician. The physician didn’t know what manner of lady it was, and what sort of son she brought him for instruction. The lady enjoined her son to behave nicely, and requested the physician to instruct him well, and bring him into a good position. Then she took leave of him and departed. The physician and the lad went together to gather herbs, and each herb cried out to the pupil what remedial virtue it had, and the pupil gathered it. The physician also gathered herbs, but knew not, with regard to any herb, what remedial virtue it possessed. The pupil’s herbs were beneficial in every disease. The physician said to the pupil: ‘You are cleverer than I, for I diagnose no one that comes to me; but you know herbs counter to every disease. Do you know what? Let us join partnership. I will give my doctor’s diploma up to you, and will be your assistant, and am willing to be with you till death.’ The lad was successful in doctoring and curing till his taper burned out in limbo.


Poetry: The Lyrical Works of Tim Buckley Part 1

I first heard Tim Buckley in the Fall of 1966. An amazing voice. I found his music entrancing, and for a young person, the lyrics were quite moving, though strange.

I saw him in passing in Los Angeles over the years, Santa Monica, Hollywood at cafes, music stores, on the street. I had lost interest, but my friend Michael was an avid collector and pushed me to pay attention to the changes that Buckley was going through…

I saw him perform finally at the Troubadour, opening up for Colin Bluntstone (Singer for the Zombies). The engagement ran for 3 nights. I came back every night. I was captivated and moved by his works. Each show was completely different even when doing the same song.

I fell deep into the spell of his works, and then like that, he was gone. He died of 28 through mis-adventure with Heroin, and mixing other drugs.


Let the sun sing in your smile

Let the wind hold your desire

Let your womans voice run through your veins

Let her be your blood don’t feel ashamed

She’s your home when no one wants you

She’ll give you life when you’re so tired

She’ll ease your fears ah when you’re a stranger

She’s born to give faith to you

Oh, just to you

You’re just a man on death’s highways

It’s life you owe you’re here to praise it

If love flows your way then be a river

And when it dries just stand there and shiver

Oh, let the sun sing in your smile

Let the wind hold your desire

And let your womans voice run through your veins

Let her be your blood don’t feel ashamed

It’s her life you owe

I owe you love



I am a bee out in the fields of winter

And though I memorized the slope of water,

Oblivion carries me on his shoulder:

Beyond the suns I speak and circuits shiver,

But though I shout the wisdom of the maps,

I am a salmon in the ring shape river.


Carnival Song

The singer cries for people’s lies

He will sing for the day to bring him night

The circus burns in carnival flame

And for a while you won’t know my name at all

But sing and dance and love for pennies and gold

The juggling clown smiles to me

And every frown we agree is glad

The nighttime comes to bring the bums

From Bowery heat to crimson streets of wine

But magic lands will never touch our sands

Your children smile in single file

They learn mistakes that others make

They see although they cannot know

The needs they’ll need to have their greed grow wild

But dance and sing, for others bring the shame

And for a while you won’t know my name


Once I Was

Once I was a soldier

And I fought on foreign sands for you

Once I was a hunter

And I brought home fresh meat for you

Once I was a lover

And I searched behind your eyes for you

And soon there’ll be another

To tell you I was just a lie

And sometimes I wonder

Just for a while

Will you remember me

And though you have forgotten

All of our rubbish dreams

I find myself searching

Through the ashes of our ruins

For the days when we smiled

And the hours that ran wild

With the magic of our eyes

And the silence of our words

And sometimes I wonder

Just for a while

Will you remember me


I Must Have Been Blind

Here I am believin’ words again

Here I am tryin’ to find your love again

Here I am down on my knees again

Prayin’ for a love

That we used to know

Both of us know

How hard it is to love

And let it go

Both of us know

How hard it is to go on living that way

When so few understand what it means

To fall in love

And so few know how hard it is to live without it

I must have been blind

I must have been blind

Lord, I must have been blind

To hold something real

And not believe it

To live in her life

And never trustin’

To give all you know and never feel it

To hold back each day

Until it dies away

Both of us know

How hard it is to love

And let it go

Both of us know

How hard it is to go on

Living that way

When so few undersand what it means

To fall in love

And so few know how hard it is to live without it

I must have been blind

I must have been blind

Lord, I must have been blind


The River

I live by the river

And I hide my house away

Then just like the river

I can change my ways

Oh, if you come to love me

You would stay forever

Inside my heart

Inside my dreams

And time will fade

In time we’ll love

In the street we walk as beggars

In the alley faithless kings

Ah, but it’s the truth of life

That chains us in between

Those lost moments we steal

To keep our love alive

And our prize so tired after all the pain

And time will fade

In time we’ll love

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