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Almost Midnight… Thursday:

A lovely warm day here in Portland. Worked up a ladder on a wall, of course with the warmth on the south side. Semi-Toasted in the solar way this evening…

Mary rented a unique little film from Netflix, “Ushpizin”, taking place during the Sukkot feast. Kind of a very hip, Hassidic moment in our spaced-time continuum. Worth the time, and really very, very good. Recommended.

Todays’ selections are from Homer, Hymns for various Goddesses. It is not a large entry. I have been putting out rather large ones lately, so I thought something simple might be good for Friday…

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To Earth, Mother of All

Of Gaia sing I, Mother firm of all,

the eldest one, who feedeth life on earth,

whichever walk on land or swim the seas,

or fly; sustaineth She each from Her Wealth.

Through Thee the folk are blest in child and fruit,

O Queen, who giveth and reclaimeth Life

of mortals; rich whoe’er it pleaseth Thee

to honor; all abundance is for them;

their fertile land is fruitful; through the fields

their flocks do thrive; their house is filled with goods.

They rule well-ordered states with women fair,

and ample wealth and riches follow them;

their sons exult with youthful merriment;

their daughters play in dances flower-strewn

with happy heart, and skip through fields abloom.

Such givest Thou, Holy Rich Divinity.

So hail, God-Mother, Starry Heaven’s Wife;

repay my song with pleasing sustenance!

Of Thee I’m minded – and another song.


To the Mother of the Gods

The Mother of all Gods and mortals, laud

Thou clear-voiced Muse, Thou daughter of great Zeus.

The din of drums and rattles, shriek of flutes,

delight Her, like the call of bright-eyed wolves

and lions, heard through hill and wooded stream.

So hail to Thee, and all the Goddesses!


To Hestia

Thou, Hestia, in ev’ry lofty home

of deathless Gods and folk who walk the Earth,

hath gained a seat eternal, honor grand;

Thy prize is fair and noble; lacking Thee,

feast not we mortals, if both first and last

we offer not sweet wine to Hestia.

Thou, Argus-Slaying Zeus’ and Maia’s Son,

Gods’ Herald, giving goods, with rod of gold –

be kind, You two, and help us, awed and fond.

Inhabit this fair house as mutual friends;

for You, who know the noble deeds of folk

who walk the earth, sustain their wit and youth.

Hail, Kronos’ Child, and Hermes with the rod!

I will remember You and one more song.



Demure and lovely Aphrodite, crowned in gold,

I praise, who holds the battlements of Cyprus, sea

girt, where the humid blowing breath of Zephyrus

propelled Her o’er the tumbling rumbling ocean waves

in gentle foam, and golden-diademed Hours received

Her willingly, and wrapped Her ’round with clothes divine.

Upon Her deathless brow They placed a well-wrought crown,

both fair and golden; into Her pierced ears They put

adornments made of orichalc and costly gold;

around Her tender neck and breasts as white as snow

arranged They necklaces of gold, like those with which

the golden-diademed Hours adorn Themselves to tread

the charming dance of Gods, or walk Their father’s halls.

And when She’d been adorned with every finery,

They led Her to the Gods, who saw and welcomed Her

with outstretched hands; and each implored that She

might be His lawful wife and come into His house;

They gaped at violet-diademed Cytherea’s form.

Hail, Thou sweetly winning one, with fluttering eyes;

and give the victory to me! Enhance my song!

For I remember Thee and yet another song.

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