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Radio EarthRites Presents: “InterCellular Overdrive”, The Mix
Starting 5:00 PM Saturday 11/25 Pacific Coast Time!
9 Hours of New Music, New Concepts… Be there or be Square!

Ira Cohen & DJ Cheb’s “Majoon Traveler”
12:00 Noon Saturday 11/26 Pacific Coast Time

Hakim Bey, Pattie Smith Iggy Pop & More “Hashisheen”
12:00 Noon Sunday 11/27 Pacific Coast Time

More Spoken Word Coming!

EarthRiot Radio: Every Wednesday Evening, 8:00PCT & Every Thursday, 12:00 Noon PCT
Hosted by Reverend Billy and Savitri D, EARTH RIOT is a comedy-infused, music-filled exploration of humanity’s most urgent issue — the planet’s Sixth Extinction.

Black Friday, Earthalujah Sunday

The rapacious shopping economy has been our devil for 20 years in the Church of Stop Shopping. But that doesn’t matter.

Because this week the zombie tsunami crashes on us all. The News from the Natural World in this Earth Riot episode is breath-taking in the finality of it violence. And meanwhile we shout Earthalujah!!! …because we are grateful that life evolves, and our dead bodies are released into the sky as flowers and Chestnut-sided Warblers…. Earthalujah!


Lee’s Real Music Radio Pod: Every Thursday Evening, 8:00 PCT & Every Friday, 12:00 Noon PCT.
Lee Evanz brings his mixes to Radio EarthRites from Thailand, weekly.  
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❛Medicine Music & Sacred Songs (Indigenous Roads)❜ featuring Buffy Sainte~Marie  ReLoaded 

EXTENDED TO SUNDAY 8:00PM PCT. Don’t Miss This Show!

Susan Boulet Artist


More Poetry & Spoken Word Coming, Stay Tuned!

New Shows Coming, Stay Tuned!

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