Radio EarthRites Program & Notes Page

Welcome to our new Radio EarthRites  Program & Notes Page.
As we go along, we will be going into more detail about music and the spoken word shows being presented on Radio EarthRites.
We are now entering our 18th year of being online 24/7 365 days a year.
I want to thank all those who have supported us over the years I’m fixing to warm welcome to those just discovering our station.


New Radio Show! “Gentle Chaos”
Starting 9:00 PCT Saturday 6-25
8+ Hours of Music!

A gentle musical break from the current timeline.  Lots of new music, from  around the world!


EarthRiot Radio: Every Wednesday Evening, 8:00PCT & Every Thursday, 12:00 Noon PCT
Hosted by Reverend Billy and Savitri D, EARTH RIOT is a comedy-infused, music-filled exploration of humanity’s most urgent issue — the planet’s Sixth Extinction.

Lee’s Real Music Radio Pod: Every Thursday Evening, 8:00 PCT & Every Friday, 12:00 Noon PCT.
Lee Evanz brings his mixes to Radio EarthRites from Thailand, weekly.

If you have a Podcast, Mix that you would like to share on Radio EarthRites, please let us know!


New Shows Coming, Stay Tuned!

Radio EarthRites Fund Raiser:

Every so often we hold a fundraiser for Radio EarthRites.
This year it is more important than ever as our main storage hard drive has crashed, and some 800 GB of music & related files have been lost. (yet recoverable!

The Music Files were not recoverable by the local Nerds, and the disc has been sent to a professional recovery service. We will be getting an estimate for it soon.

Thanks for the support!

The Culprit!

So, we are asking for a one-time donation or for folks to subscribe to the station to help us recover the music files and attending information we had stored on the drive.
If you can make a donation or sign up for a subscription it would be greatly appreciated.

We have a bunch of new music on the station, and now, a bunch of spoken word shows as well coming up!

Sustaining Subscription/Donations:

Radio Free EarthRites Subscriptions


Help Support Radio EarthRites. We are here for you 24/7, Please help keep us up online! Donations gratefully accepted!

If you can contribute 5.00 – 10.00 a month, I will send an art piece to you during the year.
If you can contribute $15 a month you’ll receive one of the blotter pieces listed below.
If you contribute $20 a month you’ll receive one of the blotter pieces below and an additional art piece during the year.
If you contribute $25 a month you receive the two blotter pieces and one piece of art later in the year.
If you can contribute $30 a month you’ll receive the two blotter pieces and two pieces of art later in the year.
With this fundraiser I hope to achieve a greater coverage for the station being able to put money into the system that is needed at this point as well as advertising on various social media platforms.
Here are the Blotter Pieces:
Golden Gate Park, January 14th 1967 (Human Be-In) Blotter


Gods of Divine Inebriation Blotter





Sustaining Subscription/Donations:

Radio Free EarthRites Subscriptions

Thanks to the good people who have stepped forward with their subscriptions and donations, we will keep the doors open on Radio EarthRites!

I feel a great sense of relief and gratitude to all who have reached out to keep the old station going.  We are stable at least for the time being.  Now to dream, now to formulate where we go from here!

Bright Blessings, Gwyllm

Our Supporters:
John Archdeacon     Andrea O’Reilly
Susan Fjellman          Randon Lund
Mary Flynn                  Ellen Faeth
Col. Kurtz                     Robin Billings
Mitch Stargrove        Cliff Berns
Victoria Pandora      George Post
Ron Braithwaite        Diane Darling
Wanda Medema      Tom Pisek
Katy Ferry                    Tom Scholfeldt
John Joyner                 Tamara Kikel
Delight Ikerd               Dana Jaszczult
John Harrison            Pepi Pingrey

Thanks So Very Much!


Song Request? Comments? Let Us Know What You Think!


Radio Page from The Invisible College on Vimeo.